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Curacao Dolphin Academy

If you are lucky you can spend hours watching the dolphins from your Royal Resorts villa terrace, otherwise just pay a visit to Dolphin Academy at the Curacao Sea Aquarium.

Curaçao Dolphin Academy was founded in 2002 and offers several interactive dolphin programs to people from all ages. Their mission is to facilitate a genuine connection between humans and dolphins. They do this by providing an educational venue with their experiences. We consider our open water programs to be simbolic of the cooperative relationship that the trainers have developed with the dolphins. As the dolphins accompany the trainers on daily excursions to the open ocean, they are free to leave or choose to return "home" with us. At "home" the dolphins enjoy a dynamic social environment. The individual animals of Dolphin Academy exhibit natural patterns of association among one another. They also maintain the hability to forage and feed for themselves. In fact, mothers teach their calves how to catch fish!

Educational Project

Our teaching materials are available in three languages for elementary schools, grade 1 to 6. Each curriculum covers one aspect of the marine life per grade and fits within the island educational field "Nature & technology". After a guest lesson at school given by a Dolphin Academy education staff member, the children will visit Dolphin Academy and the Curacao Sea Aquarium for an exciting interactive and educational fieldtrip. Our goal is so contribute to the educational of our children so they will make the right decisions now and later in preserving our beautiful ocean and ocean life.

Educational Project

"Bayena i Dòlfein" It is possible to sponsor a class for ANG 599.00. This includes everything from teaching materials to guest lesson, transport, fieldtrip, a class picture, lunch and drinks, but most important; an unforgettable experience! If you or your company is interested in sponsoring a class, please contact: Dolphin Academy Curaçao, Education. Bon Bini.

Dolphin Encounter Touch a Dolphin while learning all about them. You will stand in waist deep water, as the dolphin allows you to get gently pet him on her. A trainer provides an interactive lesson on the dolphin's body and behavior.

Dolphin Swim *Ask for our Kids Swim! Enjoy the unique and intimate experience of real interaction while swimming with dolphins in their natural lagoon. As you swim, the dolphins will join and allow gentle petting and interaction. You will also give them signals to which they will sing, sping, wave and much more.

Dolphin Snorkel

Dolphin Snorkel freedive Submerge yourself in the dolphin world and freedive with them in their natural lagoon. The dolphins will dive down alongside, allowing you to gently pet and interact with them under water. You will participate in an echolocation experiment.

Dolphin Snorkel freedive

Dolphin Scuba Encounter

Get up close and personal with a dolphin in his world. As you scuba in the lagoon, the dolphin will meet you face to face so you can gently touch him or her and study the dolphin's body and behavior. You can't get any closer than this! No dive certification needed!.

Open Water Dolphin Dive: Inmerse yourself in the dolphin world and observe their natural behavior in the ocean sea. The dolphins leave their lagoon to meet the divers in the ocean on one of the most beautiful coral reefs of Curaçao. Enjoy each other's company in an unstructured program where the dolphin can be spontaneous.

Dolphin Scuba Encounter


Our most comprehensive dolphin interactive and educational experience!

Assistant Trainer Course

*For childrens between 9 trough 14 years old. | Morning. Experience the thrill of working with dolphins as a trainer while learning something new about dolphin biology and behavior each day. The kids engage in classroom lectures, games and daily dolphin water sessions while working side-by-side with a dolphin trainer. They even participate in a real training demonstration!

Dolphins in depth course

*For people since 15 years old and older. | Afternoon. Enter the dolphin world in depth and learn what it is like to study and work with dolphins up close and personal. Our most experienced staff lead you through a college-level curriculum profiling past and present dolphin research from around the world. At the same time, you will participate in multiple interactive sessions with dolphins themselves, even learning to handle dolphins for public training demonstrations.
Both courses consist of 2 levels that can be taken together or split between visits to Curaçao.
Level 1 - Two half days, Monday and Tuesday.
Level 2 - Three half days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

More Information

Visit their website or call (+5999) 465 8900.