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Curaçao launched in June of 2010 with the world’s most spectacular certified mini submarine for tourists. We offer short expeditions that descend at least 3 times a day from Bapor Kibra to unreachable depths for divers. Onboard, submarine passengers make a memorable journey to places where very few people have ever been. On the way they get to see colourful fish, corals and old shipwrecks, which are perfectly visible in the crystal-clear waters that surround the island of Curaçao. From inside the sub passengers have an almost 360 degree clear view with a visibility of over 60 ft (30m).


We have different submersibles that can also reach depths up to 1,000ft deep and are also used for scientific marine research. From inside the sub, passengers have an unobstructed – almost 360-degree – view, with more than 60 ft (30 m) of visibility.

Safety: U-Boat Worx has a range of submersibles available for these excursions, one of which can dive up to 1000ft.

Substation Curacao Safety

Unlike SCUBA-diving, submarine diving does not cause any side-effects of pressure on the body. This means that people who are generally unable to SCUBA dive due to certain medical conditions (such as inner-ear issues) will potentially be able to participate in a submarine dive, given the pressurization (similar to an aircraft) ensures comfort. All U-Boat Worx submersible systems are surveyed and certified by DNV annually to ensure every sub meets the most stringent international safety standards.

submarine diving does not cause any side-effects of pressure on the body


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